Udhayam NH 4 - Movie Review

Udhayam NH 4 is supposed to be a romantic thriller set on national highway 4. Well that is the one line summary that I read before going to the movie. The movie starts with Prabu (Siddarth) planning with his friends on kidnapping Ritika (Ashrita Shetty) from Bangalore. They plan to leave Bangalore and reach Chennai through different roads diverging from Hoskote Junction. Ritika gets kidnapped and her political acclaimed father hires police cop Manoj Menon (Kay Kay Menon) to trace out the girl. A father whose political career and reputation is more important that his daughter! As the cop goes tracing for her the plot unfolds from a kidnapping case to a love and run case. The story gets unfolded in the form of narration by different characters. Did Prabu and Ritika become a couple or not is the question! Obviously they will no.

I am curious to write more than just the above. The first half of the movie is quite gripping. Looks like Siddarth will be the next Murali of Tamil cinema, the ever college going hero. The subtle comedy now and then through casual dialogues was like a fresh breath of air. In fact it was nice to see that there was no Santhanam in the movie! The narration by Siddarth's friends, Kay Kay's acting, the way technology is used to track a person everything keeps you interested to watch the movie. Siddarth escapes with Ritika and the chase down the highways, whether Kay Kay will be able to trace Ritika, the moments that come so close to trace them but then gets missed, those are very well plotted in the movie. And then Kay Kay traces them, takes away Ritika leaving you to intermission. So is the chase done? What next? The stories have been pretty much narrated, you know what is happening in the movie, so the only other question to be answered is, and how are the hero and heroine going to unite? And so I tell my friend, "Movie is not bad na. It is ok to time pass like this!" May be I shouldn't have said that!
Kay Kay Menon
The second half of the movie was completely disappointing and just the opposite of first half. The anxiety as when the movie would get over crept on me. The plot of the second half of the movie dates back to some 80's or 70's. May be the heroine should not have started the narration! Pathetic acting! Her Tamil was even more pathetic. She is Kannadiga in the movie speaking Tamil but that doesn't mean she can murder Tamil in a Tamil movie. There is no strong reason as why the heroine hates her dad or why she is in so very deeply in love with Prabu! Gone are the days when a poor helpless kid is chucked to a boarding school! If boozing and dancing in the pub is portrayed as what Bangalore is all about then so is International boarding schools. The poor kid starts taking teddy bear as a company and this grown up women says, "I find the same secured feeling with you as I find with the teddy bear!" Joke? And a guy falls in love for that? Absolutely funny! The punch of the movie is, they have to run till midnight because then she becomes 18yrs and hence a major! So they run till the last second! Duh! It is more simple to just hide somewhere till midnight with their mobiles switched off! The movie has heavy dose of Kannada and Tamil along with Telugu and Malayalam, sometimes with subtitles and sometimes without. Kay Kay chases them throughout the day and then listens to his wife's lecture and changes mind. The voice is clearly that of Deepa Venkat's and we can imagine her talking the dialogue! The heroine is just shown as a desperate girl running behind a guy! The usual typical movie formula of showing girl as dumb headed! Some of Siddarth's dialogues and acting reminded of his role in, 'Kaadalil sodapuvadu yepadi"!
If you find "Yaaro ivan" song nice, just watch it in youtube or they will play in the TV channels watch there, no need to watch an entire movie for that. They give some logic as why hero is in Bangalore, why should they even make this a bilingual movie? Characters like the hero's sister, brother in law have been wasted. Kay Kay and Siddarth were amazing with their acting! But what is the point; it is yet again the same age old cinema plot where the hero gets energy on seeing the heroine getting harassed and then beats up 100 other men. About the heroine, waste of time! The movie goes from one mall to another and one pub to another and the heroine did not even pick up fashionable dressing cues from them. There were in fact few scenes which were supposed to be serious ones but the audience started laughing!
Anyways.. I am done with my ranting. NH 4 was not a short route! It was a lengthy, dragging, boring ride.
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