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wild dog dhole

Bandipur National Park & Bandipur Resorts

Wildlife safari through Bandipur is a must experience if you are looking for adventurous encounter with tiger, leopard and elephants. Stay at Bandipur safaru lodge and head into Bandipur
bugga ramalingeshwara temple east

Tadipatri Temples – Poetry in Black Stone

Tadipatri is known for offbeat temples like Chintala Venkataramana Swamy temple and Bugga Ramalingeshwara temple. The temples made of granite are a sight to see. Read more and marvel.

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There is a new clan of people in the town. We call ourselves the Travelers because calling ourselves as Tourists

Wondering about the pros and cons of career break? Here is my story of being on a career break of two years. All the good and bad and you can take a lesson or two

“The Bridge over the River Kwai” Have you seen it? I haven’t. Do you know about the Thai-Burma railway and why it

Khao Sok National Park is probably the most underrated destination of Thailand. I would give you a lot of markers

Thailand Islands are a retreat !!  And the cherry on the top would be to picture yourself relaxing in a

Spiti Valley Trip is a dream trip for many who crave for mountains and have looked up those splendid landscapes

Orchha is a city filled with history in every street and corner.  Wherever you turn, there stands a monument ready

Depression is a pretty vulnerable and sensitive topic that people refrain from talking about.  I am no different. It is

Athi Varadar reemerges from the anantha saras tank once in 40 years. The festival is on till Aug 17 2019. Here is a complete guide on history, on ground crowd mgmnt, darshan timings and ticket booking details.

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Hi! I'm Chittra

A curious mind often found in places searching for its history, talking to ruins waiting to hear back, and imagining life in places where it does not exist anymore. Relatable? Then you can have a hell of a ride reading stories in this blog. I enjoy the mud in my face as the safari jeep peels through the jungle looking for the unknown, listening to the birds’ chirp. I equally enjoy listening to temple bells and watching the towering architecture. And sometimes, it is just put my leg up, hole up in a place with a view and spend it at leisure. Quit my job, traveled for a couple of years, and experimented with being a digital nomad. Now, I am back to a full-time corporate job, and it takes me to places. A solo traveler who swings between backpacking and luxury travel. Have fun reading a melange of my thoughts. 

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Bandipur National Park & Bandipur Resorts
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