Turning 30 and 30 Life Lessons

So, ummm.. Am turning thirty! My mom sighed at the fact and was like, “How did this happen? You are my little girl!” And I replied, “Umm, first one year passed by, then the second year passed by, then the third year, then the fourth year..”, somewhere between eleven and twelfth year she disconnected the call for spoiling her emotional parental moment 😀 Anyways, turning thirty seems like am old enough to give gyaan and life lessons so here you go..  
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  1. Don’t act your age – it is the most boring thing to do. I am not going to say age is just a number. But it is important to not be serious about everything and get worked up. have fun.
  3. You will never get the answer for the question, “WHY ME?” Yup! Deal with your karma.
  5. Trust broken can never be mended back. So stay true to yourself all the time and never let down the person who had faith in you.
  7. If you have lot of friends then you don’t have any friend, they are only acquaintances! The ones who stand by you will always be a countable number.
  9. When curiosity dies, you die. If there is nothing new for you to learn or do, life falls into routine and it is a death trap.
  11. You will find happiness when you decide to be HAPPY. Cribbing will not take you anywhere. Self pity will only make you feel insignificant. Act on it or move on. Change it into a sunshine and there is your happiness.
  13. You will not get what you want! This probably must be the hardest truth and bitterest life lesson of all. Not always you will get what you wished for. Be content with what you get and make the best out of it.
  15. If you cannot tell the world what you are doing or what you did then you are doing something morally wrong. Stop it. Being honest to yourself and your conscience paves way for a peaceful life.
  17. People take decisions what is best for them and best at that situation. So never judge people. Chances are they are already living in regret. In the same note, don’t regret your past. Anything and everything you did was the best thing you could do at that moment.
  19. Be in touch with people who matter and care for you. Chances are life puts so much twists and turns into people’s life that they get busy or want to cut off from world. Even if the other person does not call you, make that call and make them feel valued.  
    Copyright http://www.kickinthehead.org/
    Copyright http://www.kickinthehead.org/
  21. Bring that courage to take that ‘one step’. Once you take that first step all your “what if’s” will disappear into thin air.
  23. Give back something to this world and society from which you have suck up so much. Give back to the people who helped you reach where you are. Give back to the one’s who offered you a shoulder. You need not have to do something great to create a impact. Help/sponsor a child’s education that will also do. It is a meager money that you will be sponsoring considering all the expenses we make in urban life.
  25. There is no WORK-LIFE BALANCE. There is only life! Work is only a part of it.
  27. Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will feel about you the same way you feel about them. Don’t feel small because they did so. Don’t treat them any less either.
  29. It is okay to fail. It is okay to feel the pain but don’t hang on to it. Suffering is not good for health and for your mind. Pain should be only to make you a stronger person not to make you weak.
  31. Success differs from person to person. Be happy with what you achieve however small the goal you had set. Comparing your life with others will not take you anywhere.
  33. Say NO when you don’t feel like doing something. Say no to things you feel is not right. But never say no when it comes to opportunity. If somebody invites for dinner out of courtesy just barge in and enjoy the food.
  35. What you cried about today will turn into something you laugh at down the lane. Wait patiently till that time. I cried my heart out when I couldn’t get enrolled into computer science branch during my undergrad but had to join Information Technology course. Like it makes any difference :/
  37. Everyone has problems and nobody’s life is perfect. Chances are your problem is nothing when compared to the cheerful friend you see on Facebook putting up beautiful photos and status messages. It all comes to how you handle it and cope up with your problems.
  39. Whatever you are angry at. Whomever you hate at. Whatever you want to fight with. Whatever you are striving for. Whatever you are saving up for. Remember, you are going to DIE. Could be tomorrow, today or years from now. So the point is, there is no use in planning for your tomorrow if you are not living today. There is no use in holding grudge at that person, you better take it out before he/she dies.  
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    copyright http://vidaordinaria.com/
  41. ASK, TALK and LISTEN. Ask what you want. There is no harm in asking for that little help you want. Talk what you feel. Words that pile up and emotions not conveyed is never a good thing for your stomach! Listen to what someone has to say. Could be even someone criticizing you. Try to understand what made them feel that way to criticize you and how you can make yourself better.
  43. It is important for you to have your alone time. Take it out of your busy family/ life schedule. It is during this time you have the greatest reflections on self.
  45. Trust that people are good. It opens up an all new world which feels much happier and safer. It is one difficult thing to do in this city life especially with news and media constantly throwing bad things on your face. But the world is indeed a better place and lot of good people are there. Open up and let people touch your life.
  47. Managing finances is important. Being in debt, not paying credit card bills, having a bank account with no money in it, all calls for trouble. Money is important and there will be times in your life when it will prove that it is the God  .
  49. WRITE. You need not be a great writer or good in language. Just have a journal of your everyday happenings. Take a look at it once in a while. It will show you where you stand in life. I once took a three year old diary of mine and realized how stupid I was to write the same s*** for three years without making any change to my life! You get a better perspective of things when you write. So do it.
  51. Hard work pays off. You need not be an extrovert. You need not advertise yourself. I mean it may not be your nature to advertise yourself for everything and you may go unnoticed. Nevertheless keeping working hard and work with all your heart! Your work will definitely be noticed over time.
  53. Be SELFISH. Well might sound wrong, but the truth is you came into the world as one and you will leave it as one. There is going to be time in your life when you will have to face the battle alone. Invest in yourself, think for yourself, do what is best for you.
  55. If you are surrounded with people who are only praising you, you are in the wrong place. It would feel top of the world to be king of a crowd but it will not help with your growth. If there is nobody to challenge you be it in work or in life then change the company.
  57. People will walk in and out of your life. The once closest friend of yours might no longer be there in your contact list. Let go. People change with time and not all are meant to walk with you forever. And the same applies to you to. Walk out when it is too stressful on you and it starts to defeat who you are.
  59. If Facebook does not notify, people will not remember your birthday. Well as you grow old, only banks and insurance guy will wish you on your day! Don’t take it to your heart, people have no time to smell that rose.
  Looks like I am capable of writing some more but for now enough of the philosophy. Let me go finish my cake. Happy birthday to me.  
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