4 reasons you need to visit the UK at least once

4 reasons you need to visit the UK at least once

There are lots of really good reasons to holiday in the UK. If you don't have family or friends living in the UK and haven't thought about visiting before, then this post could provide the incentive to plan your first visit and discover some of the reasons why a record 41.7 million tourists visited here in 2018.

First of all, I'm going to provide a little up-to-date information about the UK, its main tourist hotspots, and details on British culture, then I'll go on to give four solid reasons you should set about planning your UK holiday today.

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About the UK

It's quite likely that you think you already have a good knowledge of London, with the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, black cabs, and lots of rainy weather probably featuring quite high in your listings. Think again. The UK is about so much more than its capital city, and it really doesn't rain every day!

That said, of course, there are lots of things to see and do in London, and the city has a vibrancy like no other. You can take a tour of the city to glimpse Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, the main Oxford Circus shopping area, the London Eye, and more. London’s museums are a fantastic tourist draw, and its theatre scene is also lively and thriving. What's more, there are lots of fantastic Indian restaurants in London and throughout the UK, offering a genuine taste of home cooking that can't really be beaten outside India.

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The UK is becoming more and more renowned for its thriving city scene nowadays. The city of Leicester is the most culturally diverse in Britain, with over 50% of its population originally hailing from overseas. Indeed, Diwali celebrations in Leicester are an important cultural feature of the city, but it also offers a lively Caribbean Carnival and hosts a variety of Sikh and Muslim events and activities. Leicester is also home to two universities, lots of festivals and musical events, two popular theatres, and tourist attractions including the tomb of King Richard III and the National Space Centre.

The central Midlands area of the UK can actually be a brilliant holiday base, as it's really easy and quick to travel anywhere in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland by road, rail, or plane. If you took Leicester as a base, for example, you would be in easy reach of Nottingham, Birmingham, Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford upon Avon, and the university cities of Cambridge and Oxford. Regular trains from Leicester to London mean you could be exploring the financial heart of the capital or strolling down Oxford Street within an hour or so of leaving your Leicester hotel.

If you're not already convinced that the UK should be your next holiday destination, the following four reasons may cause you to think again!

1. Landscapes and scenery

From the beautiful heather-clad hills and peaks of the Lake District, Scotland and Wales to the historic seaside resorts of Blackpool, Brighton, and Bournemouth, the UK really does pack a great punch when it comes to scenery and landscapes. Planning your visit with care means you can get a real glimpse of its countryside and learn more about the relaxing hobbies and rural sports that are so popular with locals.

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2. UK cities are thriving

It's not just the countryside that offers outstanding scenery, though. Many of the cities in the UK have been revitalised over the past 30 years or so. If you expect brooding industrial landscapes, you will be pleasantly surprised, as there are lots of fantastic UK inner city redevelopments which add to their vibrancy and charm. Northern cities such as Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, and Liverpool have their own inimitable contemporary style, so booking a number of affordable city hotel breaks during your holiday will give you a real feel for Britain in the 21st century.

3. Heritage, culture and history are key tourist draws

From castles, historic homes and ancient monuments located throughout the UK to more recent structures, like the Shard, the Eden Centre, and the National Space Museum, you're sure to discover interesting places to visit throughout your holiday. 

4. The UK is one of the top visitor nation brands in the world

The Anholt Nation Brands Index rates 50 of the globe's top countries each year and the UK has remained in third place for the past two years. Germany and Japan top the index, and you can find out more on the Visit Britain website.

There you have it: some of the top reasons you need to visit the UK! And, finally, it has to be said – the UK is a fantastic base for touring all the top European destinations, too.

This post is guest post contribution by Thea Felker


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