5 Things to do if you are Single on Valentine’s Day

For the Nth year am single this valentine’s day. For that matter I have always been single on this thee day every year.. For that matter every other day in every other year also I have been single only 😛 Though I don’t belong to the, ‘shame that lovers, pull that boy and get him married to donkey’, love protesting gang! I have had the, ‘this girl and that boy but am single?’, why isn’t the world coming to an end moments. This year tho too much scene every where! At least all these years they were making scene only on one day Feb 14th.. This year from Feb 1st only they started! Rose day it seems, then propose day, kiss day, chocolate day, then teddy day it seems!! What all days the world comes up with! Arey who comes up with teddy day, imagine all couples walking around with a teddy bear.. meh.. Wake up you lovey dovey couples, the fancy restaurants and glassy shops just want to suck the money out of you.. Anyways my concentration is on people in my boat so hey, here is a list of things you can do on this Valentine’s day.. valentines day

1. Hit the Road

Nothing can be more fun than travelling on the road. Go on a weekend trip. Take your bike, take a city tour, if you have single friends tag along and drive out of the town. The whiff of fresh air, away from the crowd, changing sceneries, different food; it will all be new. Falling in love with a new place is the best thing to happen on the Valentine’s day.
Young couple driving convertible at sunset
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2. Shop & Gift yourself

As crazy as it might sound, shopping on Valentine’s day is another best thing to do. Why? People get really really creative during this time of the year and the most artistic gifts come out this time of the year. From simple key chain and bookmarks to even dresses and gadgets and house articles, everything will have a creative touch to it. So indulge in the one thing you want to buy and gift yourself.
Totally Cute bookmarks no!!
Totally Cute bookmarks no!!

3. Watch TV

This is not for those faint hearts who are just out of breakups. This is for the people who are not so broken singles who enjoy a good movie. If you are out of breakup then these movies might push you to suicidal so don’t watch. Otherwise all the English channels play the most awesomatic romantic cinematic all matic movies. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the movies.
My all time favorite!
My all time favorite!

4. Order Food In

The same logic like shopping works here too. Don’t even do the mistake of going to a restaurant. All around you there will be PDAs and there will be tables only for 2! But now that we have so many online food delivery portals, you can expect some exotic menu plus exotic desserts (what does dessert have to do with love?), so order in and enjoy a happy meal. No crowd, no long queue, no over priced menu, no obligation to even dress up 😀 Stay home and enjoy food
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5. Do something Fun

Have some fun, it is important to have fun no.. Like for example, send anonymous gifts to the couple you don’t like, let them break their head wondering who is sending gifts to their partner and land up fighting all day. Or or make reservation in the most expensive hotel in your friend’s name and tell your friend’s partner that he/she did it for them; your friend will not want to lose face, will go there and land up spending allll the money! Oh come on, you don’t have to feel sorry, after all, the moment they got gf/bf your lunch outs got reduced. Oh oh, if you are single cos you got dumped, get photos of your ex and punch them or burn them. See!! Valentine’s day can be fun!
I just discovered this cool knife set!!
I just discovered this cool knife set!! Img Src

6. Spend the day with your loved one

Valentine’s day somewhere got messed up with romance romaance ok.. It is all about love. So spend that day with your loved one. It could be your family, friend, dog, someone who touched your life, could be anyone. Just spend the entire day hanging around them and feel the happiness.
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So you see! Plenty of things to do on Valentine’s day. Just chillax and enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day 😀 PS: I just wrote a blog that am Single dude! Take the clue!!!
  1. arrey, why the topic says 5 things to do and the content has 6? why have you ‘single’d out one poor option! 🙁

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