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MasalaboxTravel started nearly a decade ago. What started as a complete masala mix of movie reviews along with cookery recipes and travel anecdotes has now been narrow down to what you as readers like to read. It now houses travel stories from across the world.

The blog is also peppered with funny anecdotes that I encounter on the road. And things that are bursting out of my mind to be written. Happy reading 🙂 Oh! Do follow @masalaboxtravel on social channels to absorb different content.

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Chittra M

A littel about me

Your next door girl with big dreams. A 90’s kid for whom travel was to either relative’s place or temples and never knew how big the world is. Studied engineering, got a job, started earning and spread my wings. Over days of travel I found that I loved or got more curious about heritage, history, forts and temples. Museums seemed more interesting to me. the next adventurous thing for me was to venture into the deep jungles of India in search of the big cat.

Most of my travels are solo. Am now leaning more towards leisure travel and so you will see review of swanky resorts and slow travel.

Took a career break to experience travel without a return ticket. and those were the best day of my life. Lot of reflection, healing and tried my passion. Now am a technical sales engineer who gets to earn handsome and travel. Cheers to all you fiercely independent women.

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