F for Fat.. F for Funny..

Ho ho ho here comes the Santa.. Ho ho ho.. And with his long beard he chuckled holding his big protruding tummy which danced up and down along with his laugh. And the kids laughed along with him amused by his personality or at his tummy that moved up and down? Nobody was sure about the answer for that question and then after Santa, were born the Bunty, Munty, Chunky, Rolly, Mottu, Gollu, Dumma and Chubby.. And their world though funny for others, was miserable for themselves. The life of the fat person!
Let’s take a look at the movies. The fat girl is the girl to be made fun of. She is the one who dreams of getting married but ridiculed about her size. Fat guy will be the comedian of the movie walking with food in his hand all the time. Pairing up two fat people in the movie gives them great ideas for comedy scene like, they sit on a chair and it breaks, they walk through a gap and get stuck, they fall down and cannot be lifted up, they eat so much that the ration gets over, they cannot hug each other, elephants run on their sight and the earth shudders as they walk. They are compared to or called the grinders, road rollers, thunderers, elephants, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, pigs and kumbakarna.   Fat people are generally losers, they are half minded, they cannot do anything properly, they cannot look groomed and they are the laziest of all. The most funniest scene they can keep in a movie is to say, “here comes the super figure” and in walks our fat lady and the whole world laughs at her and then aside walks our pretty silhoutte heroine compared to the angel. And this level of mocking did not stop just with the movies, the TV commercials too wanted to follow the same thing. The fat kid is the bully or the loser and the other kids laugh at him. The fat kid is made to dance up and down for his belly to bounce in all directions just so others can laugh at his belly moves! I cannot digest the ordeal a fat kid might have to go through in his school when his friends make fun of him after picking up cues from such advertisements.
Forget the movies and media.. Let’s come to the people sitting next to us. Do they at least let them live in peace? Listen to this,
“You should stop eating sweets. Sugar is the first reason to put on weight”
“Why don’t you try this new crash diet plan? All you need to do is drink soup all the day for 7 days”
“Depending on your waist size they are giving discount in that gym. You will get a huge discount!”
“Move your ***”
“Do you have thyroid?”
“I think you have diabetes!”
“I know a person who died of heart attack, he was very fat”
“Why don’t you try finding glutton? He will be the best match for you”
“I don’t want to sit next to him, he occupies my seat too”
“Let’s go to a buffet. That will suit him”
“That guy is fat, errr I mean healthy..”
What people do not realize is, they are entering into the comfort zone of others and asking private questions. They ridicule the very existence of fat people.
One thing that needs to be said loud and clear is, “NOT ALL FAT PEOPLE ARE FAT BECAUSE THEY OVEREAT”. Just like how some people cannot put on any weight irrespective of how much they eat, some people just cannot lose weight even if they starve. People are fat for various reasons which you will just not know. Some people might be fighting diseases and their medication might have increased their weight. Some people are born so, they cannot just get into that slim category. Some people turn to food for their comfort, you don’t know what they are going through in their life. Some people put on weight when they are under stress and depression. Some people put on weight post pregnancy. And for some people their hormones play a wreck in their lives that they put on weight.
Being fat by itself is hard. To walk around a society where people consider you as stupid and to break this norm itself is difficult. When the world looks at size zero and six pack abs as the most appealing thing for eyes and all that you have is three tyres, it is difficult to sport it. When the whole world gets a fitting dress so easily and they shudder the thought of getting into a dressing room with all the dresses they think will fit. When others comfortably pick up the cup of ice cream and they restrain themselves from picking up that bowl. When you pop the ladoo into your mouth but they get the comment, ‘one ladoo eating another ladoo’. When you are busy enjoying your life while they are stressed out trying to understand their body and are working out different ways to shed few kilos. When you are worried like hell that you have moved from ‘S’ to ‘M’ and they struggle to stay within ‘XXL’. When putting on a few kilos is the only problem in your life while they are fighting many more than that. It is difficult.
So you see friends, before you pass on the comment on someone fat refrain yourself. You don’t know how much damage you might be creating to someone who is already damaged. Nobody wants to be fat. Fat people are not funny, stupid, lazy or morons. They are smart, intelligent, active and more importantly they are healthy too. Some might have been thin and fate might have pushed them into being fat. Allow them to embrace the change in their body and not make them feel ashamed. Even if you have the right intentions of lecturing about good health benefits, speak about it only if you are a good friend and you know why they are fat. Because when you tell a fat person, ‘you will get heart attack if you continue to be fat’, it sounds like telling a smoker, ‘Smoking is injurious to health’. It is not that the other person does not know about the consequences. And it is not like they are addicted to smoking. When they are trying their best do not push them into depression.
And for the fat people. Do not encourage people bully you. Do not feel any less special. Live life to the fullest and eliminate the predators from your life. Embrace your body. Only you know what is happening with you and your body. Just because there are hundred crash diets and some thing works out for someone else does not mean it will work out for you too. Each one’s body is different and you need to accept it. What works for one may not work for you. Understand your body type and choose work out plans that are suitable for your body. Only you need to decide about how you feel, treat yourself low because somebody treats you so or break the norm and fly high.
  F for FAT.. F for FUNNY?? Na.. F for FEEL GOOD.. 🙂  
  1. Its a great thought you share here. I agree how fat people can be ridiculed. I have gone through some of that torment myself. But I learnt to love myself (though I still get my bouts of anguish) and I do what best suits me. I do have thyroid and people have just no idea how much you have to fight hormones each single day/minute.

    I still eat sweets (i can't resist), I dress up well, I interact a lot and if someone even hints that I am a bit fat…I simply smile. I know better!

    Thanks for this post 🙂

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