Finding an accommodation in Bangalore!

It is almost a month since I wrote a post! Why?! Because I have been house hunting for rent! The most exhausting, mind freaking, depressing thing to do in Bangalore is to set out by yourself looking for an accommodation.. Well, one’s tragedy is usually funny for the rest of the crowd. So here you go..
What it says: Executive PG available on sharing basis with independent storage and attached bath.
What it is: Notice the storage under cot! Wake up to the sounds of fellow roommates brushing. No need of alarm 
What it says: Luxury PG with TV, AC on single sharing basis at 12K per month only.
What it is: Notice the separate electric meter with the AC? You switch it on and it will shoot up. Notice the storage under TV? Less than 400Sq.ft of space for 12K.
What it says: Executive PG on single sharing basis for just 9K.
What it is: Sounds cheaper than above? Check the pic below! Actually you are luckier if you get that. Most of it is partition made of plywood.
What it says: TV available in your room itself!
What it is: You see safe distance between eyes and TV is 10 to 12 feet, so this is the perfect place to keep your TV. Forget about the sprain you might get in your neck. 
What it says: TV available on sharing basis. 
What it is: Sad if majority wants to watch TV serial 😛
What it says: Fully furnished kitchen available. 
What it is: Well, you have slab and sink.. What more you need to place your bread on, slice it and have it. More than enough kitchen this will be. 
What it says: The accommodation is centrally located and reachable to main road in just 5 minutes. 
What it is: Oh yesss, you might have to climb some sand mounds or compounds too.. But shortest route matters right!
What it says: Both North Indian and South Indian food available
What it is: If you are North Indian interpret it to be dal tadka. If you are South Indian try to figure out if it is sambar or rasam. One food many tastes. Scrapping the bottom of vessel with spatula to find out if dal or vegetables are there will not help. 
What it says: Posh accommodation with excellent views. 
What it is: They are trying to explain something philosophical to you. Wake up everyday to understand, ‘you are born to die one day!’
And then I chucked the PGs and shared accommodations and started searching for house. 
A broker will come by to take you around to look at the houses.. Forget about women safety, just follow this stranger to wherever he takes you to desperate to find a house.  
Sir, I need an accommodation on single sharing basis. (Don’t ask me what is single sharing 😛 It starts from single sharing and proceeds further to multiple sharing. Got it?). 
What it says: Ready to occupy Pent house available with ample open space in front of the house and plenty of greenery too.
What it is: Well ya.. there is terrace, there is flower pots with greenery and it is a penthouse. No doubts.
Rent sir? 20K excluding maintenance
Advance sir? Only 10 months rent! 
Any other charges sir? While vacating, one month rent for maintenance charges, one month rent if you leave before 11 months, one month charge for any other repairs you do.
Rent increment sir? 10% every year! 
Brokerage charges sir? Only one month rent!
Any other conditions sir? You are a girl?! Oh then no boy friend, no girl friend, no party, no drinks, no smoke, not more than 2 people in house.
Duh! I better live under one of the bridges along the outer ring road. 
You might wonder better to buy a house only! I will tell you that funny story too.. Wait till next blog. 
PS: All the images are googled out and some are from rental pages.
  1. Oh My God! I am loving, loving and LOVING this post and relate so well with this! Been to numerous Reddy PGs in kormangala areas during Christ days and such horror they were! Your post is hilarious and brought a smile in my face as I recall those fateful accommodation details 😀

  2. No doubt that Bangalore is heaven 🙂 Fully furnished houses available on rent culture is just cropping up in Blore.. But when I was hunting for PGs, the partitions and food was more or less the same.. And if you hunt for 1bhk, the situation is still the same..

  3. Bull crap!! i have been in Bangalore for 9 yrs now… yes there are funny things like "single sharing" but things are not as bad as you write about them. C'mon the city is bursting and over crowded, i understand things are getting more expensive by the day. but the scene is not "So" dismal!! Do this PG or house rent hunting thing in Mumbai or Delhi then Bangalore is heaven by all means!!

  4. Remembered my house hunting episode in Mumbai. A landlady said, "open the winidow, best view in Mumbai" and outside was Dadar railway station 😛 Btw, Single-sharing is a bangalorean term, respect that!

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