Girls!! Don't do these when you are in love.. Pleasee..

Girls!! Don’t do these when you are in love.. Pleasee..

Ladies and Gentlemen.. Na, no gentlemen here, this column is only for ladies and girls. First I wanted to name it as '10 things women should not do when in love' but then it is a boring title so I chucked it.. Well here are some piece of advice which you might find as relevant or as time pass to read..
Never propose a guy: Times have changed and you really cannot wait for the guy to take the first step. You are independent, bold and you know what you want in life, so you want to propose him. Don't do that! First of all, it is true that a guy will go to any extent if he really wants you to be his girl. He will stand against all odds to woo his love. So if he is not ready to take the first step then something is stopping him and it will keep stopping him. Another point of view, if he does not have the guts to ask you, then he is not going to have the courage to tell his parents, your parents and the world.
Never cling to his hands: What are you doing by hanging to his hands all the time? Now take a moment and think, how are you walking around with him? Take a look at your photos, are you the one clinging to his hands, while his hand is tucked in his pant pocket?! Now that is a sign that he has not yet socially accepted you. So stop clinging around and see if he is ready to hold you or he runs away.
Never sabotage your career: Not just the society but even the girls have this mind set that they should always be low than the guy. For one, guy's ego will get hurt! Two, guy should have an upper hand over the girl! True that the guy's ego will get hurt when you outshine him. But if you are in a relationship and you are going to compromise on your studies or take a less lucrative job to not hurt that ego, then you are ruining your life. For one day, he might say tata bye bye to you and then you will stand and wonder, 'why did I take this unworthy road?' By the time you realize, time would have flew with all your opportunities. If the guy is not able to see you grow and you are fine with it, is it not like, 'you are fine with him treating you low'? And when you are ok to be treated low by your loved one, then how is the society going to treat you?
Never think possessiveness is love: if possessiveness is love then why we have two different words lady!! If he thinks you are all his and he can do anything with you, it is not excess love! Could be personality disorder.. If he has no friend at all, he does not bother about your likes and dislikes, does not understand that you have a life then please run run run. Another important thing, a possessive guy friend is not in love with you!!
Never think that the guy is all yours: Guys grow up spending more time with their friends and if you suddenly try to restrict him with just you around, it is not going to work in the long run. Give him the space and time. If he does not like shopping, respect that and take just his card with you not him. Once you commit in a relationship does not mean he is going to look at only you! Every time a pretty girl passes by if not him then his neck and eyes will follow! Can't help! Even if people write volumes of 'how a girl wants her guy to just listen when she talks', it is not going to happen. Only the first one to three minutes the brain and ear will work, then only physical presence. Don't snoop into mobile, mail, etc, definitely you will get disappointed. If the password of his mail id is your name, then definitely it is a fake id.
Never think you can change a guy: When you fall in love with a guy, don't overlook his faults. Don't think that one day he will change or you can change things you don't like in him. The only thing you can ever change in a guy is his wardrobe! And that too he will change just to stop listening your lecture.
Never think that a way to guy's heart is through his stomach: You know to cook, good. You love to cook for your friends and throw party, very good. But if you are cooking hoping that it is a way to his heart.. hee hee.. Biologically there is no connection between stomach and heart, you know what stomach is connected to and that's what happens.
Never close your ears to your friends: Love is blind and when you are in love, you think he is your prince charming, your world, he is the God who cannot go wrong! So when your friends sense that something is going wrong or if they tell you something about your boyfriend they give an ear and listen! Do not argue that you know him better, for all that you will be seeing is the good things about him. It is only others who see the big picture with clear eyes can tell you what is right and wrong! So just listen, don't shun them away.
Never think that your life is settled with prince: Never think that prince charming will take care of everything and you can be ignorant about your relationship, life, finances, etc. Have a life for yourself and a career. Life has its ups and downs. Destiny brings surprising visitors into your life and at that time don't be standing like your world is over.
Never fall for sentiments: Don't get yourself tangled in the net of emotions, feelings and sentiments. That is the most easiest way a guy can target the girl to pacify her or trap her! If he says, 'you are like my mother', 'you are the only person I trust', 'you are not speaking to me because ..', 'I care for our relationship more than you', 'you are my world'.. Be alert..
The list can get more lengthier but let me restrict here.. Use your instincts and stride along.. And if your instincts are confusing you, read from top again.. :)

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