Just another day, Just another Software Engineer

6.30am.. Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep.. Ahhh Snooze that alarm! I want five more minutes.. Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep.. That son of a *****.. Ohh it is 8am!!   8.00am: Kaalaila yendirucha udana saami photo pakanum pa!! #paati solradu kekuradaa Switch off the alarm in the mobile. Check gmail. Check FB notification, run through news feed. Good morning in whatsapp.. Okie done.   8.10am: Apo apo thalaiku yennai vaikanum pa.. Deo or bath, deo or bath, deo or bath!! Deooo   8.20am: Anda sattaia konjam iron pani daan podaen pa.. Pull that Tee. Push back the rest of the clothes into cupboard. Close the wardrobe. Pull the jeans from the laundry bag. Put the face cream, put the hair gel, wear the bracelet and copious insecticide (Axe effect!)   8.40amVerum vaithoda poga kudaadu pa, rendu idly saapidu.. Kellogs diet, kellogs fruit n nut, kellogs wheat bran, oats, masala oats, maggi noodles.. Time? tropicana 100% nutrients juice.   8.45am: Vandeela paathu po pa.. Laptop around shoulder, ear phone around neck, mobile front pocket, tablet in the hand, chewing gum in the mouth. Drive in pulsar, jump the signal, drive on sidewalk, scratch the bus..   10am: Oppice.. Open the laptop, gmail, gtalk, yahoo mail, facebook, hotmail, google, picasa, flickr, tumblr.. outloook? okay that too.   10.30am: Indaa pa dummu udambuku naladu illa pa..   Puff the cigarette, sip the tea, look the figure, give the look.. Pop the mint chew!   10.45am: Thambi vellai paakureengala pa.. Open remote desktop, browse internet, yahoo news, india glitz, four likes, two share, three comment.. group chat in whatsapp.   11.30am: Kaalaila saapida sonaa sapiduriyaa pa.. Raid the pantry, eat the biscuit, open others dabba, check for ‘sweets on my desk’ mail..   11.45am: Pengal naatin kangal pa.. Find the figure, sit at her desk, debug her code, ask about her parents, discuss weekend plans, rescue the damsel from work.   12:15pm: Mail yelaam kuda anupiviya pa.. Anybody have nokia mobile charger, I want to borrow? Where can I get sim cutter? I want to exchange T shirt. Samsung glaxy tab or google nexus? Anybody returning from US? Please please one small parcel delivery for me. can you carry? Where is the bike service center?   12.45pm: Velaa velaiku saapidanum pa.. Office mess, andhra mess, kerala mess, tamil mess.. sukh sagar? Noo machan sweet sambar! Today andhraa.. Dai, today Onam special, free meals in office da.. Free meals aa.. attack!!!!!!!   1.30pm: Veyil la alayaada pa.. Walk around campus, look the figure, give the look, puff the cigar, flaunt the gadget.   2.00pm: Vellai paapiyaa pa.. youtube dinka chinka dinka chinka dinka chinka dinka chinka reee..   2.30pm: Meeting irukku pa.. Why is the wall pattern square square and not circle.. why is the network cable broken.. where is the marker to draw. Shall I draw coconut tree. What is that guy talking. What is that round round color thing in the slide. Why is she wearing blue salwar, not at all nice. What to do in the weekend. Which movie tonight. Am I also turning bald. Am I getting beer belly.   3.30pm: Orae yedathula ukaarada pa.. Machan, XBOX, PS3, GTA what to buy da.. full confusion.. You buy xbox, i ll buy PS3 then we can exchange.. yayyy.. nanbaen da..   3.45pm: vetti pechu kudadu pa.. ‘Good afternoon sir, this is swapna calling from Diwala bank’ ‘Hi swapna, how are you?’ ‘Am fine sir. How about you?’ ‘Am fine swapna. how was your day?’ ‘Good Sir.. Sir you are chosen to be one of the lucky member to get personal loan in our bank.’ ‘Ohh thanks a lot swapna.. I am very lucky’ ‘Sir if you tell a convenient time, I will send me representative to your place to collect document.’ ‘You will not come Swapna?’ ‘Sir my representative will come sir. Do you have address proof sir? passport, voter id, bank statement?’ ‘You can come home directly and see the house for proof Swapna’ beeep beeep beeep   4.00pm: Scene ae podaadae paa.. figure comes to place.. open onsite album in fb. open tedx link. open linkedin. open perforce, open QC.. act like doing work..   4.30pm: Kalaichu poi irupae break yeduthuka pa.. Tea, cigar, biscuit.. hi in whatsapp. 6 like, 7 comment, 2 share, 5 retweet. 3 blog read. open ex girls’ profiles, see pic, see family pic, see her baby pic, curse her husband profile…   5.00pm: Time aachu paa kelambalaya.. Ohh my gawwdd.. it is five already! I have to work on this bug.. let me close it soon.. google for code. post in forum, ask in discussion.. copy code. close the bug..   6:30pm: Odi vilayaadum pa.. This I will listen ok.. Time for ping pong.. then foos ball.. may be carrom. or just watch cricket in the big lcd tv hanging in the pantry..   7.00pm: Yena paa.. veetuku varalaya.. Urgent call.. dial in please.. press the hash tag.. ‘dude dialling in’.  hello, how is weather, snowing? raining? here always hottu.. had dinner, oh morning there, had breakfast? Let’s discuss about product 5.o.o. put in mute.. zzzzzzzzzz..   9.00pm: Thoongalayaa pa.. Any queries? No queriess.. Meeting over aa? Thankyouuuuu   10.00pm: Paathu paa.. naai thoratha podu.. Andra mess, kerala mess? kerala mess, two kothu parotta, one bullseye, half plate chicken, one tea.. fb check-in to kerala mess..   10.30pm: Veetuku vanda moonju kai kaal yelaam kaluvanum pa.. Throw the shoe.. throw the jeans.. sink in sofaa.. skype, hangout..   11.00pm: Naai nari yelaam thoongiruchu pa.. Shabba.. finally some personal time.. Movie or games.. Today was very tiring day.. so movie.. update fb status with movie name.   2.00am: zzz Sleep in the sofaa..   6.30am.. Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep..  what the ****
  1. This seems like a detailed day-in-the-life narrative with a mix of humor and relatable moments. It captures the everyday chaos and routines many of us experience. Perhaps adding a bit more structure or focusing on specific themes within the day could make it even more engaging. Overall, it’s a fun read that many people can relate to!

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