The Lazy Sunday

It was yet another Sunday with nothing to do. The hot summer sun was up long back and I was refusing to budge to its peering rays. This was one such Sunday that I had planned to just relax and not even cook. So I was killing time lying in my bed and staring at the rotating fan. With time ticking away, it was getting well past breakfast time and so I decided to wake up. It was half past ten and the water was already hot. Wish I had some cold water to splash on my sleepy face. While my hands were automatically brushing, my mind was scanning through all the possible breakfast. I had ran out of corn flakes, noodles, dosa batter, poha, vermicelli and all that was left was bread and egg. Well that is a quicker option for the breakfast. Toast was ready, scrambled eggs were ready and some bread spread was ready. How can breakfast be complete without coffee or tea? Now which one do I go for? At first thought I was lazy to make the chaai but then the taste buds were pushing me to make some. So went the milk boiling and in jumped the tea dust. After simmering it for a while, the strong chaai was all ready for me to get energized with. I sat down with my chaai and toast and with the Sunday newspaper. I read the newspaper as long as I had chaai to drink. Somehow the news does not seem to be any more interesting once the chaai gets over.
Let me sleep on Sunday
  With the satisfaction of the breakfast and chaai, I fetched my TV remote getting set for a lazy Sunday. Wait a minute! Is that dust on the TV? I turned back and forth and realized that the dusting has been pending for a while. I dumped the plate and vessels along with already piled up ones and decided to dust the place. How long will dusting take? I can rest then. And so I went around the house with the dusting cloth. Gosh! The shelves need new sheets to be laid out. These ones have become old! Let me remove the sheets, dust the place and then lay new ones. So out came everything from the shelf and then? Then things in the shelf were also dusty! So I started dusting and cleaning all the artifacts and books and laid new sheets. That being done, next the windows and fans needed a cleaning. I went for the broom, sneezing on the way and started cleaning out the walls and fans and doors and windows. That was pretty good, huh! The dust must have got settled on the bed sheets, let me clean my bed. Or on second thoughts, maybe I should wash it off. This is a lazy Sunday with no plans anyway; I have time to wash these off. So I went on to soak the bed sheets in the bucket. Hmmm.. How long has it been since I have scrubbed these buckets? Ok let me first scrub these buckets and remove the salt deposited then I will soak the bed sheets. I picked up the scrubber and started scrubbing the bucket; the salt had stuck well on to the bucket that I just wanted to throw off the bucket itself. While I was sitting staring at the bucket, my eyes fell on the wall. Oh oh! These walls need a scrub right! Ok that will not take time. Let me apply the floor cleaner on them and let it soak for a while. So I dropped the bucket letting it soak in soap and went on to scrub the walls. The wall scrubbing was done, then the loo scrubbing was done, then I applied full pressure on the scrubber to scrub the bucket, ah! Finally, a spick and span bathroom.
The bed sheet was staring at me. Maybe I will do it tomorrow. But tomorrow God knows what time I will be coming from office. Still, it can wait, no hurry to wash a bed sheet, I have spare ones anyways. I walked towards the laundry bag to dump the bed sheet in and there were others smiling at me from inside the laundry bag! This is not happening. I set aside the bed sheet and picked up other clothes to soak. Done with the soaking and next? Dust was flying around everywhere, time to sweep the house. The mud, the dust and the sun was just soaking me up in sweat. I swept and swept and swept every nook and corner. Broom cannot take away all the dust na, let me mop it off too.. No no. First the clothes then mop the floor. How I wished some magic happened and the clothes washed by themselves. Who ever invented cotton salwars and starch for them!? Hot water, then starch and the cotton salwars go soaking again. Meanwhile bed sheets went in to another bucket. God! What has got into my head? This just does not seem to stop. I started dragging the mop around the house while my mind again started scanning for food. Bread again? No!! I was battling with the mop and the floor and my stomach. I rummaged through the refrigerator and there were some left over rice. Good enough. But after lunch with full stomach how can I wash the bed sheet! So I decided to remain hungry while I continued the washing episode. With little more energy left to lift the plate and eat, I sat down to relax the rest of Sunday. I switched on the TV and hey! They were playing the evening movie. It is 4pm already! Gosh! I ate my lunch half mindedly and then! Then?! Vessels! Vessels were laughing at me big time. I pulled up my hair and quickly started clearing the sink. Then the sink needed scrubbing! Then the kitchen slab needed scrubbing. Then the stove needed scrubbing. Then it was time to scrub.. Scrub ME! By the time I scrubbed myself and came, it was almost six! Then the crisp dried clothes did not want to get cold, so they were calling for my attention. Then the new bedspread has to be laid. Phew!!
Finally! Finally since my mom always says no cleaning after the lamps are set on and my soul was shouting from within for the chaai, I went on to make chaai. How divine it would have been if somebody prepares that! The milk went on the stove and my taste buds were craving for more. So I cracked some elaichi and dropped in it. In went the tea dust, slowly dispersing the brown colour into the milk. The aroma of elaichi and chaai was all around the kitchen. I was sniffing it deep in, to replenish my soul. Sugar went in, chaai is filtered and I was all set to sit down finally. In came my roomie, like a blessing. She came along with fruit biscuits from Karachi bakery. Oh my God. Is divine the right word? First the biscuit went melting down the throat and then the hot chaai went in. I could not only feel the chaai through my food pipe but it was as though it was running through my veins. Mmmmmm.. At the end of the lazy turned busy Sunday, the hot chaai, the biscuit and the foot rest was all that was needed. And the house was twinkling at me. The perfect ending! Oh and there goes some writing too! Perfect happy ending 🙂
  1. Waaaaat… unga veetla neenga mattum daan vela seyyara madri scene podareenga ???? Ida kekka yaarume illaya ????

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