The Newspaper Thief

It is a lazy morning in Bangalore. Monsoon has made the nights cold and the mornings chilly. I am not an early riser and the weather asks me to tuck myself tight inside the quilt. In spite of the deep slumber I hear the sound ‘tuck’ ‘tuck’ ‘tuck’ going around the floor. The newspaper boy! Like how your body gets tuned to the alarm sound over days and automatically you wake up, my mind wakes up on hearing this sound. My eyes refuse to open but my mind pushes me to wake up. With great difficulty I twist and turn, toss the quilt and walk with half eye open towards the door. I never go full wide awake for it gets difficult to get back sleep again. I open the door and then! Newspaper is gone! My eyes turn wide at the unbelievable sight and my whole day gets spoiled. This is not a day or two incident but a routine! It has now become a race between me and the pesky neighbor as who gets the newspaper first though I pay for it.
Do you also have such neighbors who make your life miserable? Well there are so many houses nearby that I have no clue who steals my paper. Some days I have hung behind my door peering through the magic eye for good fifteen minutes hoping that the thief would come by and I can catch red hand. So far I have not been lucky to spot him! Now I have come up with posters, the print out of which goes on my door everyday. Hope the newspaper thief stops stealing my paper after seeing these. If it does not work, I guess next step will be to install cameras!
Feel free to download them and use it on your door too 🙂
Chitraa keep calm! Karma will take care..
  1. I know.. I am so surprised that people give lakhs to buy apartment, pay in thousands for rent and then steal paper! Even if they read and return it's fine.. this is atrocious..

  2. LOL.. Even being from a small town I have seen few people coming to my home read the paper or ask for daily newspapers, I don't I can find such a person. You might wanna consider buying a newspaper cum parcel drop box.. 🙂

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