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Excuse me, that is my seat – I was holding my boarding pass and hesitatingly looked at the passenger seated at my place. The six year old was lost in his world and did not even pay attention to me. His mother however, gave a deep stare and gestured to sit at her place. I quietly sat down in the aisle seat. Aisle seat in a plane! I had to give away the window seat to a kid?! What makes them more deserving than me? Rest of the journey I watched with envy as he excitedly pointed to cloud and sea while I watched the stupid aisle with just plain people walking up and down.. The Window Seat.   It was a social skill training program which we attend as part of corporate training. As an ice breaker session, the trainer asked, “What is your favorite pass time?” And when my turn came I promptly replied, “I love to sit by the window and just watch.” The class turned back to see who this nerd is. The trainer did not know what question to ask further; she stopped with an ‘interesting’ as reply and moved on. Every time somebody hears this answer they would go, “what is there to watch through the window, it is the same thing every day”, “you don’t have anything better to do?”, “wow, you must be having hell lot of time to sit idle by a window”. This blog is dedicated to all those people who miss this little treasure of life, “The Window Seat”..   Here are some reasons why I would always hunt for a window seat..Yup, Burj Khalifa in the distance with Dubai Harbour in the front. I neither had to halt or get a visa. I did see ‘The World of Islands’ as well but that picture did not turn well. Qutb Minar, countless mountains, flowing rivers and so many landscapes we get to see from top.   window seat My own pretty Chennai; land, sea and the sky with clouds  
window seat chennai
Window Seat – Chennai
  Sheep grazing or cotton candy or clouds? 🙂     My biggest fascination is the Fluffy Fluffy Clouds that the flight wades through. Once it went through super dark clouds, nothing was visible through the window followed by which there was wild turbulence and I was so sure of it reeling down, thankfully am alive to write this blog.   Window can put a beautiful frame around the world.    
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  You get to watch spectacular views passing through the window every second. Cool vehicles zooming through highways + spectacular views = awesome photo.     One of the best nights I had on a vacation. To sit by the window after a wet evening and write to my heart content. Sitting by the window definitely has a magic, content just flows by itself.     To watch the rain drop trickling through the glass window of the car or bus. The world looks all the more beautiful when rain drops are splashed all over it. Have you ever noticed how the drops join with one after another and slowly trickle down with a pattern? Just beautiful.     To watch the tiny droplets of rain collect on the window sill and you can play with it. Call me a kid, no problem.     I prefer working from home over going to office. Why? Same reason, good view, lots of light and stress free.     To get lost in thoughts! This is the best to do! To sit by the window, when there is so much action going outside the window; you see people rushing and vehicles plying and your thoughts running faster than that. Soon the noise cancels out like the world just came to a stand still and then you realize that you are able to hear the deepest voice from within! Some of my greatest realizations have come through the window.   To do this.. 😀   It is a long listtttttttttt… I enjoyed the million star lit sky during an hour long bus breakdown in the middle of nowhere. That was one magical night, with such a clear sky and stars glittering away. Travel to office gets more fun. The cars stuck in traffic has more family drama than in the house. The wife will be shouting at husband, the kid will be curiously pulling the seat belt, most of them have breakfast in their cars and many will be speaking to themselves (Bluetooth!). Offlate, window seat in the city bus has brought out a mischievous me. Looking at the frustrated stranger stuck in traffic I smile. Smiling is so contagious that their frustration flies away, they smile and starts wondering who is this girl smiling at me?   I have just one enemy in my life!   These people from where do they come! They have got a window seat with a huge clear window and look! Does he even realize what he is missing in his life? And people like me have to sit on a non window seat and cringe at this sight! Ughh.. I hate you man.. Seriously I do..   Excuse me, that is my seat – I was holding my boarding pass and hesitatingly looked at the passenger seated at my place. This time it was a newly wedded young couple. The young lady’s first flight and she held his husband’s arm in defense. The husband macho man looked at me and offered his seat. “Sorry boss, it is my seat and I have paid for it!” You know all these premier flights these days, less ticket cost and extra money for everything else! The husband budged, the wife gave a spiteful look; who cares. I triumphantly sat in my window seat.  
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  1. Ha ! I connect so much to this. I also take a window seat pretty much everywhere (except maybe overnight trains nowadays) and I love watching stuff outside. I used to stay up the entire night watching all lights pass by during my train journeys ! Nice post !

  2. Love the pictures. Isn't it interesting how life looks when you put a frame on it? A totally different perspective. I think we can all use a little bit of slowing down to look at life.

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