Yenga pona rasaa.. (Where are you my beloved?)

Yenga pona rasaa.. (Where are you my beloved?)

Ada yena paa.. Whaat is this? I have to definitely get married aa! Why is there so much pressure on getting married!! I am happy happily roaming around, ok, travelling around and exploring the world. Why put me into marriage market yaa.. Tell me no.. It is not cool thing to do at all ok. It is not that I don't want to get married. Who doesn't want to get married yaa.. Tell me. What more can you expect than a partner to share your life with! But this marriage market noo.. Let me tell you how it can get on your nerves.
When I came out of college, it was very jolly jolly to see my friends getting married. No much difficulty ok. Simple it was. Guy is abroad and the fancy of going abroad was more than enough to get married. Or they would have found one in college only. Same college, guy is in good job what more you want, get them married. But as years passed noo, I started seeing how they are living. Some went to that Amrikaa, took pic of snow, niagara, statue of liberty then soon their paapa photo. Some stayed back in India, put photo of first birthday, first month anniversary, first car, first long drive, first cake, first food he cooked, first parent's visit then first paapa. Ok! But call them and speak and see.. "His mother noo, when she comes, she wants me to cook two vegetables for her!" "His brother no, that stupid fellow is trying to be nice to his parents to take off the property." "His sister has two brats and these brats are coming in May for holidays. Where should I run?" "Her mother noo, came for her help and is not getting out of house only!" "Her father what he said you know, whaat you don't even have an own house still. My daughter is suffering!" "Her sister comes she make chicken, my sister comes she falls sick!" "What yaa, he and his mother wants me to have baby, I should get pregnant aa." "His mother has come ok, I said I have important meeting and come off to office." "You should try the food she cooks ok, you will run for your life."
I can hear what you are telling, "whaat everything comes with a price. This all small small everyday issues which you should adjust to have a life partner. Shut uppu and get marrieduu." Okay boss, listen to this.
Some got married to jerks. What is wrong in these guys' brains I don't understand. They beat up woman. They drink all the time. They think that girl has no brain. After marriage they run away with their lover. Suddenly they understand that they do not understand each other and separate. On the day of marriage some bulb glows in their mind and they run away. After marriage they find their true love of life, no not with their wife, with another girl. One physically harasses one sexually harasses. All psycho movies are based on these people only!
In spite of all the depressions of India, whaat I did? I went and post profile in matrimony site. I want aa I want aa I want aa.. Read what I got,
  • Expect an tall slim fair educated girl employed preferably engineer. - I put his face aa. He wants tall slim fair aama. He not engineer but want engineer aama. 
  • I m a man - Thanks for the clarification 
  • I'm Looking for a girl who love me always. And take care of everything. I am looking for my dreamgirl who will love me more than i. Because I love myself a lot - you mean giving you tooth brush in the morning aa.. all spoiled watching cinema..
  • She should be lovable , careable , understandable, trustable, adjustable. - what other able?
  • I am Looking very smart and I am a honourable, and in Love with every one - in love with all aaaaaa.
  • Spl Note for Bride : I hate Boy / Girl friend concept ! love-affair !! love-failure !!! I admire straight characters only. - !!!!!!
  • I believe in optimism, positive thinking, introspection and time management (because these r the keys to healthy and stress free life). Organization of things around me is important - Mummmyyyyy, strict oppicer aa
  • I searching for a life partner here - I came to check onion price
  • This profile Created by My Self, but with my Parent's permission - ohhhh.. good boy got parent's permission noo.
  • I am truth, broadminded and a happiest person. So if you are a very sad excuse me. - excused.. I am a sober
  • I naturally have an ability to easily understand all female without any explanation - no explanation just run for your life. 
  • Don't know how to explain exactly about this rascal... I am always simple, fun loving, film goof, lateral thinker[not because of his employment in a western country or derived from western culture all of a sudden, but right from childhood]. Simply, an opened book for people who knows how to read someone. - Got it NRI groom!! I read only books though.. 
  • No crying, no emotion. Only happy then contact. Treat my parents as own parents. - ada seri pa.
These guys also noo.. You want slim, fair homely yet modern girl. You are confused paa.. You like vathakulmabu and go marry chapathi! What yaa.. whaat is your problem?? Worse when you go marry bread butter sandwich! Haiyo haiyo.. I cannot digest that only. Why don't you think about marriage and not just wedding and wedding night. After receiving all the tragedy of India profile requests I lost interest only. One with good job wants super looking average mind girl. One with less salary thinks like he is giving life to the old girl. Cha ponga pa.. I can only take care of me.. 
Then what happened you know? My friends and all wanted me to find guy by myself.. Where will I go and find yaa? We get them in shop aa.. no right.. I should stand with board aa? "Vacancy available for the post of husband!" They tried convincing me to make a move with my guy friends, not all friends can become your better half noo. Some people you can think them as only fraands. "What is wrong with that guy?" my friend must have got frustrated.. "I don't think our wavelength matches." And her advice, "See nobody's wave length is going to match yours. You have to get married and then tune your frequency to his!" Seriously? What if I have to tune down my frequency sooooo down? And then there are this set of guys who sit next to you cracking endless jokes for which no laugh only come yaa! You think that is humor and girl likes humor. Out of obligation I also laugh and you start cracking more PJs! My jaw only paining. Then next set of guys, they think you are dumb head and explain how earth revolves! And you have to nod your head so not to hurt that ego! And in few moments my brain gets switched off! Tell me no, how long can you survive being like someone who you are not. 
Then aunty, uncle and all came yaa.. They took bio data, horoscope and went around the city. May be stuck my horoscope as posters in the walls of the city. Some guys they also found, here and there. "Aunty, I want to talk to the guy before we proceed." You should look at their faces. The whole family couldn't take the cultural shock only. I could hear all tamil serial music in the background while camera focusing on each ones face. "I did not speak to your uncle till day of wedding you know?" I wanted to say, "you still don't" but then am also this good girl respecting elders, so kept quite. Then ideas poured in to go to that temple, this temple, this temple, that temple.. What I will pray? Better bring that guy to stop this insanity? 
Problem is what you knoww.. The world believes your whole life at this age revolves around marriage and finding that guy. In the process of finding that guy you lose yourself! It makes you question your self worth, your confidence, your individuality and your existence. You get married because you want to enrich your life along with your better half, not to change it or lower yourself to live with another person. Marriage involves compromises and sacrifices but not sacrifice of yourself. Don't forget what you are for the heck of getting married. Your well wishers will say, 'if you are aged you will not get married'. Well true, your options get limited. How ever old the guy is, he would want a young girl. For that you cannot panic and land up with a jerk. There is much more in life to do than finding a guy. He will walk in when he has to and if it is so. So I say yaa, don't break your head over it. The purpose of your life should not become getting married! I will write another blog on crucial twenties ok.. Till then, go simply check out guys on matrimonial sites and ensoi.. Oh, don't put search criteria, just read through those profile and have hearty laugh.. 

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