Jabalpur Marble Rocks - A Wonder at Narmada

Jabalpur Marble Rocks – A Wonder at Narmada

If you are from Madhya Pradesh or around the Kanha region then you would have definitely heard about Jabalpur Marble Rocks. When I was looking at places to visit in Madhya Pradesh, Bhedaghat popped up. And when I googled up about Bhedaghat, the must-see places included Marble rocks and Dhuandhar falls. The pictures of marble rocks looked stunning. But then something else struck me! "Hey wait a minute, I know this place. It looks familiar." Turns out it is where the famous song "Raat Ka Nasha Abhi" from Ashoka was shot. It is one of my favorite songs. Her purple outfit against those white rocks. I realised that I loved the song more because of those glittering marble rocks and the gorge! And the moment you step into Bhedaghat, every boatman is gonna say the same too. 

boating at bhedaghat
An evening down the River Narmada

My trip to Jabalpur was mainly because I was on my way to Kanha National Park followed by Bandhavgarh National Park and Jabalpur is right in between the two. Jabalpur is a proper big city. I found a hotel right in the middle of the town square with the thought that it would be easy to navigate. But I had just the noon to explore Jabalpur as I was off to Bandhavgarh the next day. So hired a cab at the hotel itself and set off to the Bhedaghat.

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jabalpur marble rocks

Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat

Bhedaghat is about 30 km from Jabalpur. The cab guy took us straight to the marble rocks boating area. He stopped at a road from where the steps took us down to the boating area. The Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat are a section of mountain ranges in the region which are made of white marble and the river Narmada flows through it. From the boating area, you do not really get to see the rocks or the gorge or the cliffs, so they take you on a boat ride down the river to the area where you can see the white rocks predominantly. 

jabalpur marble rocks
Rocky hills along with white marble

As you approach the steps, boatmen approach you to get on their boat. You can hire one just for yourself and go down the river. Or you can get into boats that are shared by many other people. I and my friend gave a quick thought and decided to get into the boat that was carrying other people too as it was a lot more cheaper. But after getting into the boat, I was terrified that it is gonna sink of the weight. Am scared of water and boats and this boat was like filled. Do you remember how Shahrukh goes in a boat in the 'Swades' movie, I was pretty much stuffed in like that and the boat started to move. Suddenly I wished I should have taken the other boat. But it was too late. 

Bhedaghat Marble rocks

For the first several minutes the hills are just regular hills. It is black with birds here and there and small shrubs. The river is calm greenish in color. The sun was giving it a good tinge as it was almost sunset time. The entertaining part is the boatman. He starts to narrate crazy stories in Bollywood style. He is singing, taking silly life incidents, comparing humorous anecdotes with the hills around. We are all in splits and he goes on and on. He called it Bandar Kudni cause the cliffs used to be so close that monkeys jump from one side to another. But now the river has found her way and the cliffs are apart. We start to see traces of marble rock here and there. 

jabalpur marble rocks
The first glimpse of Jabalpur marble rocks

They look spectacular. The white marble smoothened and polished by the river. They look like white vanilla frosting on a cake. I wanted so badly to touch and feel them but you get to only see. All of us got so excited. True that marble is white and it is quite popular to spot em as slabs but to see it standing white against the weather and in such huge chunks was so so awesome.

Bhedaghat Marble rocks

Further down we came to a deep gorge. This is the prettiest part of the whole experience. The cliffs are towering on either side of you and they are made of marble. You totally get why this place is popular and people flock to see this place. 

gorge at marble rocks
The deep gorge at marble rocks
Bhedaghat Marble rocks

The boatman continues to all talk about Kareena's visit. He stops at various points, calls one place as a suicide point, another as a spot closer to Chausath Yogini Temple, and so on. He also adds a fun fact that this Jabalpur Marble Rocks is in the shape of India. So if at all you fly your drone over here then you should be able to see India. They do have such photographs sold in the souvenir stores.. 

marble rocks Bhedaghat
Mighty marble rocks

I think the ride lasted about an hour and then we were back to where we started. It was such a beautiful ride. Also, I heard that this boat ride on a full moon day is absolutely spectacular. The marble rocks sparkle in the moonlit night and it is said to be a must do too. Apart from full moon night, boats do not ply on other nights.  More pictures from the marble rocks at Bhedaghat

Dhuandhar Falls

A little further down the river goes down like a stream and some people stop there to cool themselves, play in the river, some even to take bath. We both wanted to catch a glimpse of Dhuandhar falls too. So we headed next to the falls. The falls is not far, the driver was like I can drive you close to it, etc, etc and drove straight into a closed gate. Not sure if it was a wrong day or the parking for cars had changed. So he stopped at another place and we walked down to the falls. It was majestic. I completely give it to Madhya Pradesh tourism. They have neat walkways and viewpoints at multiple places to watch this glory. 

Dhuandhar falls
Walkways and viewpoints at Dhuandhar falls

There is also a ropeway and we decided to go on the cable car. Getting on that cable car gives you an awesome view of the Dhuandhar falls. A high cliff in the middle of the river splits the Narmada river into two and creates gorges on either side causing the river to fall with full force. You get the best view from the cable car which is for just about a few seconds. The other side of the falls there are a couple of tea shops, you can walk down a little, watch the waterfalls from a different view. For some reason, not many people were opting for this ride. There were just a couple of us on this side. After a while, we crossed again and went on to the main side. True to its name Dhuandhar falls, the water falls with so much force that the smoke rises up and the water sprinkles all over you. And this was in December, imagine how it would be in the monsoon season. But boating is prohibited during monsoon time, can get dangerous.

Dhuandhar falls
Dhuandhar falls seen from cable car

Lot more shops selling tea and snacks out here. And walking on to the main road either side is lined up with shops selling geological rocks, souvenirs made of marble, and lot more stuff. I still remember that evening. The sun had gone down, the lights were up, people had also left and it was just me and my friend. We decided to stand there listening to the sounds of the waterfalls and the moon shining up. We stood there for so long that the driver got worried and came looking for us. Looking back I envy that day, if I was solo I wouldn't be lingering around in the dark after everyone has left. Perks of traveling with friends :) 

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Chittra masalabox
Me mesmerised with Dhuandhar falls

How to Reach Bhedaghat

The closest city to Bhedaghat is Jabalpur. Jabalpur is a big city, it has an airport, bus station and railway station. So you are all sorted. From Jabalpur, you can catch a bus to Bhedaghat or Dhuandhar falls. The place is very touristy so you will not find any difficulty in finding transport to it. 

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