Most Romantic Destinations in India that I have been to

Yup, am single and I do solo travel but there have been quite a few places in India that I have been to and been like, “Oh man! Why am I not with a man!!” 😉 Sometimes it is the beaches, mountains, jungle and sometimes it has been the most crowded place with many people around too. Weird huh! But that is how it is, some places are just super romantic destinations in India that someday I will take my partner too. But hey, you can take your partner and visit these romantic destinations and live your dream 🙂

Most Romantic Destinations in India


Chikmagalur - Ayyanakere lake
Chikmagalur – Ayyanakere lake

Chikmagalur has a variety of places to offer as sightseeing. There are plenty of waterfalls, peaks to climb, a lake to sit by and watch, wildlife safari trails, coffee plantation trails, few temples; something for everyone. Come summer and most of the people from Bangalore pack their packs and move to Chikmagalur. The weather, the green mountains, the low hanging sky, all of this works out well for a cozy vacation. Here is a sweet spot to spend your alone time, watch the sunset by the Ayyanakere lake. It is the second largest lake in Karnataka and it is surrounded by mountains all around. The serenity of the place, the wind brushing by your face, the sunset playing colors; all this will make one memorable evening.


Alleppey boathouse
Cruising through backwaters

It was early morning when I landed in Alleppey and to reach my homestay had to use a canoe to cross the canal. And that is when I realized how magical the whole place is. The early morning mist was settling in, the huge houseboats were floating around, coconut trees were leaning in, our little canoe in the middle of a vast stretch of water and just the sound of oars going in and out of the water, maybe this is what is called Heaven! The backwaters leading to the vast Vembanad lake is indeed truly picturesque. Not just your honeymoon, you can schedule some wedding photo shoots too. For privacy and luxury book your own houseboat. Or stay in one of many properties by the backwaters.

Rann of Kutch

Lost in thoughts - Rann of Kutch
Lost in thoughts – Rann of Kutch

Unbelievable to hear this?? 🙂 Because many people who have visited Rann of Kutch calls it super touristy and not a place to even visit for a regular vacation. But I loved this place. The vast plain white desert was just somewhere I wanted to walk hand in hand with someone. I shunned the crowd and walked and walked and walked, away from the crowd, further into the white desert to touch the horizon. To see if it ends at all. To see what is on the other end of the whiteness. To let the white desert engulf me. To be surrounded by nothing but the rising moon and vast empty desert. The sun was setting the other side and the salt was reflecting the colors. As night fell the cold breeze and the shining moon, I never felt like leaving this place. It was an evening to remember. 

Pin Valley, Spiti

sparrow pin valley
little birdie pin valley national park

This place is not for everyone cos Spiti is a tough terrain. You might break up by the time you travel to Spiti, get stuck in a landslide, find very basic homestay, no luxury, no candlelight, etc. But it might also put you through your ultimate test of love 😛 Anyways, the thing is, I was happiest at Spiti. After days of not able to breathe in Spiti, seeing the brown landscape all over, I was happiest in Pin Valley. That greenery and bone-chilling cold is definitely a mood lifter. Waking up to little birdies chirping by, going for a walk through the peas farms, trekking around looking for Ibex, I don’t know about you but I would definitely call this basic place as a romantic destination. The clear sky at night shining upon a million stars at you, won’t you want to look up and dream along with someone 😉

Jungles of India

honeymoon destination India
Most romantic destination in India 😉

What did you think a wildlife lover like me would suggest 😉 Jungles are definitely the most romantic destination to be. Book a luxurious stay to pair with your adventurous safari and what can get more exciting? Waking up before the sunrise, sipping on coffee, heading out to safari and having your heart in your throat when you come across the giant tiger and then coming back to your property, soaking up in a spa or chilling at the pool. In the evening go for a walk through the buffer portion of the jungle, or pop open wine on a sundowner, or set up a candle night dinner in the bush. My personal pick are Satpura, Kabini, Kanha and Pench. They have an excellent landscape to visit.

Looking for more? Here are some more romantic honeymoon destinations in India. You can find the best Oyo Rooms in these destinations as well and have your best time 🙂

romantic destination India
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