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Road trips are the best. The winding roads, changing sceneries, playing your own music playlist and you get to stop the car wherever you want to take pictures! It is so much fun. So every time a road trip is up, am the one to fight for the front seat! That’s right. I like to click pictures of the road and I want this clear front window and not just the window seat. If you thought I would fight for the driver seat then hee hee, I don’t know driving. So I usually tag along with friends or hire a cab. Hiring a cab makes life all the easier, be it when am going solo or when am with a group of friends. The tension of driving and to be attentive of the road is taken off the friend and the driver takes care of the load while the rest of us chat away. That is when I look up to Savaari – a car rental portal that helps me to hire a car with a chauffeur in minutes.

savaari car rental
Let us go on a Savaari #WhyDrive

The first time I came across Savaari was when I and a friend booked an impromptu trip to Kabini. Both of us being wildlife enthusiasts, we were itching to go on a safari and the nearest was Nagarhole National Park. Having found the tickets also available for the weekend, we decided to go ahead with the booking and try our luck with tiger spotting. But both of us don’t know driving and there are no direct buses to Kabini! Taking a cab and cruising through the highway to Jungle lodges was the only option. And that is when one of our friends recommended Savaari. Hiring a car for outstation through Savaari is pretty simple. We give in the pickup and destination cities, the number of nights and the pickup time. It then lists the different cars to chose from and the corresponding fare upfront. The fare doesn’t include tolls and interstate taxes which are also mentioned up front, hence we can anticipate what is the total expenses. They also always seem to have attractive discounts that without a second thought we booked a car for intercity travels. We just got a message that a cab will be assigned and by night we got all the details in a detailed message. The next day morning cab driver came to our door with minimal directions and then on it was a smooth drive. There is no way I would have been able to arrange for a cab overnight if not for Savaari.

savaari car rental
Love for highways

Ever since I used Savaari to hire a car for outstation, I also started booking cabs for one-day trips. Navigating to offbeat places as a solo traveler gets tricky at times. And when I don’t find the right transportation or pressed with time I rent a car. However odd it might sound, if the place is offbeat I would rather take a cab and having a cab driver along seems to be a better option always. I cannot tell you how much conversations I have had with cab drivers, thus keeping my solo trips entertaining.

savaari car rental
Flexibility of hiring a car 🙂

The road trip to Sakleshpur was another memorable trip. A quick and perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore, we had hired a car from Savaari and set out on the roads to Sakleshpur. It was the time of monsoon and we just got to enjoy the weather. It was drizzling all along the way! So much of fresh monsoon greenery and we got to just admire the beauty and click pictures. The winding roads passed through coffee estates and we reached our homestay comfortably. After freshening up we got to go around the town and visit places too. Otherwise, the one who drives would get tired and would just want to rest. But seasoned drivers like the one from Savaari keeps your trip occupied. And while returning it was pouring so badly that I kind of panicked. I could hardly see anything in the front and I was pretty much wide-eyed throughout the way. Thought of stopping the car and halting somewhere. But the driver was so efficient and assured us that he is used to it. He convinced me to just relax and he continued to drive through the rain. And of course, ensured we reach safely.

savaari car rental
Monsoon and road trips are a must

For the love of road trips am thankful for car hire services like Savaari. There have been times when I have flown to destinations and my plan would be to rely on public transportation. But then at times, the transport connectivity would let me down so bad that I turn to the convenience of a cab. And since they are local to the area they help you show around offbeat destinations too. A lot of time is also saved, no need to wait for buses that hop through villages and takes forever to reach destinations. While we can just zip past in the highway in the comfort of the AC car. With so many positives around #WhyDrive and stress yourself, just go on Savaari.

On a road trip with Savaari
On a road trip with Savaari

Savaari operates in about 98 cities across 29 states. This post is written in partnership with Savaari Car Rentals however the anecdotes cited in the post are from my personal experience.

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